Lory’s biscuits are all packed in transparent 130 g. PVC bags or 130 g. cylindrical cases. They also come in family packs of 500g.
After many attempts Lory has made environmentally friendly choices: essential, compostable and transparent packaging.

Even gift packs have been designed with the same approach. Sample packs with 6, 8 or 15 types of biscuits are all hand-made and tailor designed. The pack is a git in itself and you are never going to throw it away.
Our boxes are covered with decorated British paper and decorations are seasonal: red and green at Christmas, winter patterns, and an explosion of flowers and colours in the spring to make your dream of the flavours and fragrances of their contents.
You can order tailor designed boxes for specific events (weddings, christenings, other special events)

Lory cares a lot about the uniqueness of her products: each biscuit has its own shape and soul.
The package corresponds to such a philosophy of refinement and beauty.