Type 2 soft wheat flour, also known as semi-whole wheat flour: a partially refined type of flour, milled from Italian wheat with good nutritional benefits.

Whole-wheat soft flour milled from Italian wheat: it is a complete food since it contains all the parts of the grain.

Tumminia, a Sicilian durum wheat flour: a type of flour derived from a short-cycle wheat (planted in March and harvested in June) milled with millstones, rich in components typical of the wheat germ and bran, with a high protein value and a low gluten content.


Shortbreads are made with high quality butter

Extra virgin olive oil
Sicily offers a wide variety of olive oils with diverse characteristics. After years of researching the best products, we have selected the monocultivar Moresca olive oil produced in Ispica (Ragusa)
Its slightly sweet taste makes it particularly suitable for the preparation of sweets and biscuits.


The first thing that you will note when tasting our shortbread biscuits is that they are not very sweet …or better they are sweet enough, as Lory would say. The first choice that Lory made several years ago was to halve the quantity of sugar in each recipe.
Besides sugar, we also use Sicilian orange blossom or chestnut honeys.


We do not use any preservatives.
Our savoury snacks are unique: we only use extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is delicate, sensitive to excessive light and temperature. This is why our biscuits have a six-month expiry date and we recommend storing them with care, like we do with all precious things.


Spices and essential oils have a central role in our products.

Each biscuit has its precise aroma since we use flowers, spices, and high quality citrus fruit essential oils.

Each aroma is reminiscent of Sicily. Aromatic herbs are grown in Sicily. Essential oils are extracted from the zests of dried fruits in Messina and the most exotic spices are all organic.


Dried fruit
Sicily offers wonderful almonds, hazelnuts and pistachio nuts.

Lory has lived in Stromboli for 10 years. What else to say…