Lory’s biscuits offer a wide variety of sweet and savoury biscuits, handmade in a small artisan bakery in Messina. All recipes are original and based on a long-term research for a balanced mixture of aromas and spices.

Lory, chef, pastry chef and master chef, has created one type of biscuit after the other personally researching and choosing high quality ingredients. Originally from the Piedmont region, she has been living in Sicily for many years. Sicily has warmly welcomed her and she wants to thank this region by dedicating her biscuits to it combining the attention to detail typical of Piedmont patisserie with the variety of scents and flavours of the Sicilian tradition.

Her biscuits have been sold in the best Italian delicatessens and abroad for the last ten years maintaining their handmade quality. She can offer a wide variety of biscuits with a packaging that reflects her environmentally friendly approach.

Sweet shortbreads offer typical Sicilian aromas (citrus fruits, dried fruits, orange blossom) and less common ones from the wide variety of Sicilian flowers.

Her savoury snacks are her best and most successful products. Small, light and delicious, they give you a long lasting pleasure hard to forget.


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